Interior DesignIDunic Design Studio offers a full range of interior design services and 3D visualization.Chapter interior design projects on the following sections:1. apartments, cottages, villas, new construction, reconstruction.2. Offices, shops and boutiques.3. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, conference rooms, halls, saunas.Interior design projects to follow these trends: modern, classic, art deco, high-tech minimalism.3D View these chapters we Strengths:1. High quality photorealistic 3D imagery;2. Drafting 3D visualization stages;3. Technical inspection;4. Control art;5. The deadlines;6. adequate prices;7. Experience working with designers and architects.

3D Visualisation is now an integral part of the design process.Current advancements in computer hardware and rendering technologies mean that 3D visualisation has evolved to the next level. Such services have helped our customers bring their designs and products to life. VisEngine is constantly exploring and developing new technologies to ensure that we are pushing the boundaries of computer generated photorealism.We offer a wide range of 3D visualisation services to bring your project concepts to life. Our company craft photoreal 3D visualisations to clearly communicate your campaign, philosophy and objectives.IDunic Design Studio create gorgeous visuals of any project often before a brick has been laid. We make sure we understand your aims and objectives and adopt the most effective strategy to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.We Work In 3 Main DirectionsInterior 3D Visualisation3D Visualisations are unrivalled in their ability to showcase an interior long before the space has been built.This allows designers and marketeers to sell design concepts to decision makers and key project stakeholders.IDunic is a team of talented 3D artists with a passion for interior design, architecture and art, which means each project, no matter what its scale and purpose is, is always in good hands. Architectural 3D ServicesIDunic provides the most time and cost effective solutions for architects, planners, property developers and real estate agents to communicate and market their projects.A key benefit of using renders is the ability to market the development long before the project is completed. Utilising visualisation the impossible can be made possible. Renders allow people to clearly understand the creative vision, making visualisation the perfect solution for securing a win at your next pitch or competition.Architectural visualisation is an excellent way to take key stakeholders or potential investors on a preview of a building before construction has begun.Furniture 3D VisualisationWith the help of 3D visualisation services everyone can view the proposed development in photoreal detail.We have extensive in-house knowledge and expertise to create high quality 3D furniture models. Built from reference images, engineering drawings or physical products we are able to produce high quality 3D models in both low and high poly form.